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Cincinnati MasterCraft Partners With Wake Nation

By December 23, 2008News

Cincinnati MasterCraft has been busy getting things lined up for 2009 and we couldn’t be happier to announce that we have partnered with Wake Nation, the new wakeboard cable park in Fairfield, Ohio.   This partnership allows us to use Wake Nation as our main sales office and showcase the latest MasterCraft models onsite.  The new sales office is scheduled to open for operation in early March of 2009!

In the meantime if you need parts, have questions about service, or have any questions please contact us!

The following is the official press release:

Cincinnati MasterCraft Partners With Wake Nation

December 03, 2008

Cincinnati MasterCraft, in partnership with Wake Nation, is excited to announce their new sales office, located onsite at the new cable park in Fairfield, Ohio. While Wake Nation won’t officially open its doors until May of 2009, the Cincinnati MasterCraft sales office will begin operations onsite in April. The onsite display of the latest MasterCraft models, in combination with Wake Nation’s new board shop and cable park, makes Wake Nation the Cincinnati hotspot for wakeboarding.

“It’s an awesome partnership that brings together the different elements of wakeboarding and showcases the complete lifestyle,” stated Jason Haines of Cincinnati MasterCraft. “We are ecstatic about having a cable park in Cincinnati and want to help make Wake Nation the premier setting for wakeboarding. Having the finest, world-class wakeboard and ski boats from MasterCraft available onsite in combination with the new incredible park and facility will make Wake Nation a top cable park in the World. You will want to come see this place the day it opens!”

With an official opening date for Wake Nation yet to be released, Wake Nation and Cincinnati MasterCraft are already planning numerous events throughout the summer to unite the greater Cincinnati wakeboard community. People of all ages can learn to wakeboard, ski, or kneeboard at Wake Nation.

“Showcasing MasterCraft boats onsite will only add to the total experience we want our customers to have at Wake Nat ion,” said Peter Kennedy, CEO of Wake Nation. “Combining both the boat and cable elements of wakeboarding delivers the full lifestyle experience and we believe this partnership with Cincinnati MasterCraft is a unique opportunity to do just that.”

Cincinnati MasterCraft is the exclusive MasterCraft Boat dealership for the greater Cincinnati area, specializing in the sale and service of MasterCraft wakeboard and ski boats. They provide premier service and support for new and existing customers of the inboard boat market. More information can be found by visiting or calling (859) 449 – 4564.

Wake Nation LLC is a developer of cable wakeboard and waterski parks. The unique overhead cable system allows several wakeboarders to be pulled at one time without the need for a boat. Riders can be added and removed without stopping the system. The system is designed to accommodate as many as 7 riders at a time. The cable system is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Wake Nation Cincinnati will be the company’s first cable park in operation when it opens in May of 2009.  More information can be found by visiting, emailing or calling (310) 940-4990. Wake Nation Cincinnati is located at 201 Joe Nuxhall Way, Fairfield, Ohio, 45208.

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