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Let Her Rip in Knoxville

Let Her Rip Clinic in Knoxville

Let Her Rip is about inspiring confidence in and behind the boat and on and off the water. Now in its fourth year, the Let Her Rip movement continues to include even more exceptional female athletes, leaders, brands, and MasterCraft partners. Let Her Rip is about sharing stories of inspirational women who relentlessly chase their goals while encouraging others to do the same.


We are excited to announce that Current Watersports is partnering with MasterCraft to host a Let Her Rip Clinic in Knoxville. On Friday, June 7th, 30 girls and women will join MasterCraft athletes Meagan Ethell and Alexa Score for a day on the water all about encouraging, celebrating and empowering each other as we sharpen our skills in and behind the boat.



The Let Her Rip Clinic in Knoxville is FULL. Please keep checking back to see if additional spots open up or email to be added to the wait list.