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New Location, New Name

By October 11, 2016News

Eight years ago we set out to build a boat dealership that was unlike anything in Cincinnati. We wanted to provide an ownership experience that extends well beyond the moment you walk through our door. It’s an experience that is given to everyone we are fortunate enough to call customers. From the guy buying a rope, to the family with a $10k boat budget, to the couple buying their first new MasterCraft – the experience and dedication to service starts at day 1 and will remain unchanged for years to follow. Other dealerships end their relationship with you when they sell you a boat. For us – this is the beginning of the relationship.

Over the next few weeks this experience will be taken to the next level as we near the completion of our new world-class facility. We couldn’t be more excited to make this move… but we have another huge announcement to make:

We are changing our name to “Current”.

We’ve spent 8 years building the name Cincinnati MasterCraft. It’s not uncommon to see “CincyMC” stickers tagged on vehicles as you make your way south to the lake on a Friday in summer. Trust us – this was no easy decision. However in our eyes this is a necessary change as we transition and grow as a business. This is a change driven primarily by 2 main reasons:

1.) Brand Consistency – Currently we have 2 locations under 2 different names: Cincinnati MasterCraft and Louisville MasterCraft. Whether you are a Louisville customer or a Cincinnati customer you’re part of a family to us. Trying to be consistent with shirts, literature and overall branding is a challenge with two different names. When we started in 2008 we never thought we’d grow into a second store – it just wasn’t a thought back then. Unifying under a single name allows us to be more efficient across all of our marketing efforts.

2.) We Are Changing (in a really good way) – When you walk into our new facility you will see that we are changing the concept of a typical marine dealership. Everything from the facility to the sales experience to the retail product line offering inside will be unlike anything other boat dealers offer. This is a difficult thing to understand from words on a page. However as things progress over the next few weeks and you visit us for the first time this will start to make more sense. For people who love the lake and the lifestyle around it we will become THE destination – not just another dealer with boats. In becoming this destination, we wanted a stronger name that could stand alone as a brand. This new name helps us solidify this.

Over the next few weeks we will begin to transition our branding to the new name and logo. Trying to inform our entire customer base and carrying our reputation to the new name will take time. But rest assured we are the same solid crew under the new name – we didn’t sell the business to new owners. Quite simply, this change marks the beginning of the next chapter in our incredible journey with you.

As this chapter begins we couldn’t be more excited about the transition. Current pushes things forward and shapes the landscape. Current is power on the cutting edge. Current is control of the water. Everything else falls in line behind the Current. Big, big things are coming and we cannot wait to share it all with you!