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Your Ownership Experience Goes Beyond the Boat

By January 12, 2009News

Cincinnati MasterCraft understands how much you value the time you have on the water.  As owners ourselves we know why you get up early to catch good water; we can relate to having the perfect day on the lake with the family; and we understand what you as a consumer expect.  This is why Cincinnati MasterCraft has outlined why we stand out from the competition.  Because after all, it is the dealer relationship and support that determines your overall boat ownership experience.

Watersports Lessons:  Customers will have the opportunity to sign up for free wakeboard lessons.  Lessons will be scheduled 2 days a month during the months of April, May, June, July, and August.  This is our way to get more people involved and spread our love for the sport and lifestyle.

100% Customer Satisfaction:  We know that not everyone will have a perfect experience every time they take their boat out.  However we will go above and beyond to ensure that when things do happen we are there to help get you back on the water as quickly as possible.

On Water Delivery Program:  All new boats receive on water delivery.  A qualified representative will meet with the new owners at a local body of water and spend as much time as necessary to explain the features and mechanics of the boat.  This includes launching, towing, driving, parking, etc.

Knowledgeable Staff:  Our staff is passionate about the boats, the lifestyle, and the sport.  We will be able to relate to your experiences and assist you through the entire buying process.

Host Competitive Watersports Events:  We want to support the local community and share our passion for the lifestyle and sport.  This is why we have hosted local grassroots tournaments over the past 2 years.  It’s our way of spreading the love of the lifestyle and sport.

Customer Appreciation Events:  As a valued customer we will find a way to say “thanks” through an exclusive event.  This gives us an opportunity to cultivate our relationship with you as a customer and show you how much we appreciate your business.

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